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  • Transparent Pricing Structure
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That Important Edge

Let’s face it, credit card processing fees can have a very real impact on your bottom line. The fees the credit card processor charges you aren’t always clear.

As a business person, you need to project and understand your expenses, but often there is no clear breakdown of fees with many credit card processors.

By offering Interchange Pass-Through Pricing, Impress Business Solutions takes the guesswork out of the process. You have a much better idea what you are being charged for and why. Our offering is unique and your business receives these important benefits:


Accept payments, grow and manage your business.

Payment Processing

Get the lowest processing rates in the industry

Free POS Systems

Manage your business
with ease

Free Terminal Program

Free device for
all payment types

Loyalty Programs

Grow sales & keep customers coming back

Business Intelligence

Get valuable insight on buying behavior

Online Payments

Virtual terminal solutions

Keeping It Simple Without Tying Your Hands

We don’t believe you want to be committed to a long-term contract and we don’t ask you to make that commitment. Without the captive nature of a long-term contract, we know that we need to earn your business every day. Long-term contracts give some processors the confidence that they can get away with increasing your rates. We don’t buy that approach.

Transparent Savings

Our fee includes the charge that the major credit cards levy and is only supplemented by a very small mark-up. As a client of Impress Business Solutions, our goal is to continue to provide you with outstanding card processing services for many years. Offering a fair, transparent fee structure is one way to do that. Great service is the other. We also don’t require large transaction volumes from merchants and we offer competitive pricing to everyone.

mobile payments

Clover Go is one of the few mobile solutions available allowing retailers to leverage EMV chip card processing and NFC payments directly through handheld devices. Clover Go only requires an app and a Bluetooth® connection that pairs with your smartphone or tablet.

The best part is, this minimalist setup works right out of the box.

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Impress Business Solutions offers a wide selection of the best free credit card terminals on the market, we'll be able to help you pick the free card processing machine that is right for you, and place it in your business!

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cash discount program

Accept credit cards at 0% cost while achieving 100% compliance.
The customer is presented with the price of your product at the register. The total price of the receipt increases by either a flat percentage (3.75%) or a flat cost ($0.38) when the customer swipes their card. With our technology, the service charge is added automatically to the bottom of the receipt just above the tax line.

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