Cloud9Cryo | Body Sculpting Studio | Downtown Long Beach, CA

Cloud9Cryo is a boutique beauty studio located inside Salon Row in the heart of Long Beach on 5th Street & Pine Ave.
Wellness Services
Long Beach, CA
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Cloud9Çryo has become one of the premier beauty studios in the Long Beach area. They specialize in body contouring treatments, cyrofacials, and other anti-aging treatments.

Here are some of the projects we've worked on with Cloud9Cryo:

• Full Scope Business Consultation
• Sales funnel & customer journey maps
• Webflow website design & web copy
• Design strategy & implementation
• Lead magnet design
• E-mail marketing nurture campaign
• Expert Google ads campaign set-up and management
• Expert Facebook ads campaign set-up and management
• Online scheduling integration
• ... and much more

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Average growth of business.


Increase in important metric.


More things than before.

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