Clover Mini - Compact POS System

Clover Mini - Compact POS System

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Running a small business is no easy task. There’s all the day-to-day stuff. And preparing for a year from now? It’s a lot to think about, and a ton of pressure to deliver on. But with Clover Mini in your corner, you’re ready for whatever business throws at you from day one. Out of the box, it offers swipe, EMV chip and contactless payments. And it gets better from there.

Clover Mini has every feature you’d ever need in a POS system. No compromises were made when designing this system, and it shows! Merchants have been clamoring for this system for many reasons, most notably due to the ease of use and simplicity.  Merchant love having all sales data in one easy-to-manage location.

  • Gift Cards
  • Rewards Programs
  • Online Integration
  • Accounting
  • Insights and Reporting
  • Business Metrics
  • Scheduling
  • Inventory
  • Tax and Discounting


Brushed aluminum with white glass accents


8.0" x 3.73” x 6.47"


7" screen, 1280px x 800px Gorilla Glass

Payment types

EMV chip + PIN and EMV chip + signature, and contactless payments like Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Android Pay


External power adapter with DC input

signature capture

Accepts electronic signatures on-screen; emails, texts, and stores digital receipts

cool features

Embedded high-resolution camera for barcode or QR code scanning