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Website Design

Front-end Development


Product Design


Cloud9Cryo - Beauty Cryotherapy Studio in Long Beach, CA


We proudly helped to discover and deliver a variety of solutions to Cloud9Cryo that streamlined their entire business operations while developing a beautiful and functional Webflow site.

Cloud9Cryo is Long Beach, CA's leading beauty cryotherapy studio and local Pagani T-Shock expert. They've come a long way in personal & professional development throughout their full-scope consulting project. Through sheer determination and a willingness to explore untapped resources, Alpha at Cloud9Cryo has created a beauty service offering that is growing and currently in high demand.

What we've done

1. Strategic Discovery & Brand Development

2. Webflow Website Development

3. Custom Web Copy Creation

4. Landing Page Design & Optimization

5. Honeybook CRM Customization & Development

6. Product Design Sprints to Explore New Functionality

We've got work to do

During COVID-19, Cloud9Cryo is unable to service all of its clients. Impress Business is working closely with the CloudCryo team to develop a healthier living and balanced lifestyle to integrate with their social media strategy and brand messaging.

CloudCryo asked Us to help

— Take their ambitious investment in the Pagani T-Shock machine to create a new business model in Long Beach, CA

— Fix their online scheduling and booking process

— Match their bold vision to the look and experience of the services

— Provide a visual framework that will help their users feel confident about scheduling a consultation


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