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Lead Star Security


We were referred to Lead Star Security through mutual friends. They were still a fledgling security company in the Sacramento experience with tons of potential but lacking some expertise in business technology. Impress Business rebuilt Lead Star Security's Wordpress website on a Webflow site. The result is a more inviting website to attract potential leads and valuable web copy that was missing from its previous site.

Impress Business also implemented Honeybook CRM, BambooHR, Yext SEO & many other web tools to optmize Lead Star Security's SEO visibility.

What we've done

1. Strategic Discovery

2. Web redesign on Webflow CMS

3. CRM Automation with Honeybook

4. HR Automation with BambooHR

5. SEO Optimization with Yext Listings

6. Implemented Google Marketing Platform in Daily Workflow

We've got work to do

We are still working with Lead Star Security to continually optimize its lead capture strategy and maximize their cost-per-click.

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