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Original Thai | Artesia, CA


Original Thai in Artesia, CA was started in 2010 by Supalak Satrak (Mother) and Walle Satarak (Daughter). in 2020, Impress Business provided Walle with a full consulting proposal to rethink how Original Thai operated by overhauling its point-of-sale hardware/software, building a Webflow website, integrating all of their 3rd party delivery systems into their new POS software (no tablets or additional hardware), build an online ordering solution with no extra fees, and provide an on-going advertising solution that provides top-of-mind awareness to its surrounding customers.

What we've done

1. Strategic Discovery & Planning

2. Webflow Web Development & SEO Optimization

3. Google Marketing Platform Implementation

4. Touchbistro POS integration with ItsACheckmate

5. Full Solutions Integration with Everyday Business Operations

We've got work to do

On-going maintenance and training of a new growing restaurant staff is imperative to success. Impress Business created an automated hiring and on-boarding process through BambooHR that helped to streamline the business.

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