Your business needs every advantage. Excessive credit card processing fees and the rigid requirements of traditional bank loans can take away that advantage. Your bank’s lending criteria may prevent you from getting the working capital that you need. Excessive credit card processing fees add up quickly and take a toll on your business’s profits.

Lower Fees On Credit Card Processing
Impress Business Solutions provides business financing programs, credit card processing and marketing services that take your needs into consideration. By offering free set-up and interchange processing, Impress Business Solutions reduces your credit card processing costs. Our credit card processing services offer you:

    • No Long Term Contracts
    • Free Account Set-up
    • 24/7 toll-free customer service


Business Loans That Get Approved Quickly
Our alternative financing provides higher approval rates than the banks with a short turnaround time on loan decisions. Minimal paperwork further streamlines the process and your finance needs are addressed faster than the time it takes for a bank to assign your case to a loan officer.